The Activities Of Our Town


Cody Sawyer, Reporter

Woodland Park Colorado, a small town located on beautiful Pikes Peak with endless hiking and forest that seems to never end. Many would trade their world to live in such a beautiful town. Yet, those who do seem to never know what to do? We all hear students complaining that they are always so bored and “there is nothing to do in this town”. After all, we do live a small town surrounded by nothing but trees and mountains. I decided to speak with some students about activities in Woodland Park, and it turns out that there is much more to do than one may think.

First of all, when everyone comes to Woodland Park, hiking is usually the main activity. There is plenty of beautiful trails down highway 67 towards Deckers. Places like Red Rocks Campground, Manitou Lake, and Lions Camp trail provide beautiful scenery and a fun hiking experience. That’s really what Woodland is about. “The views are just my favorite part, it’s like, everywhere you go there is something new. You can just drive around Woodland and the scenery is just beautiful, even at night”, is what Braden McCormack ‘19 had said. We live on Pikes Peak, and there is not many towns in this world that have privilege and beauty. This is what makes hiking and scenic drives such a big part of the lifestyle of many who live in Woodland Park.


For those Athletes, our town provides many outdoor places to throw the ball around or get some exercise. Meadow Wood Sports Complex provides very large turf and grass fields for about any athletic activity. It also includes a tennis court that is open year round with lights and nets. Come winter time, Meadow Wood has plenty of great hills for sledding and even an Ice Rink that hosts many open skating events. Down the street there is also a fairly large Skate Park across from the fire station. Our small town also offers many multiple gyms, with one located near Safeway and one located down highway 67 next to the post office. Meaning whether it is hot or cold, Woodland Park has many options for getting exercise.

Although activities does not always have to involve exercise, our town has plenty of great places just to hang out and relax. The most popular of places, is Sonic. No matter the time, students have always migrated to sonic to meetup, or just simply as a place to park and relax. Another great place to relax is Cafe Leo, a nice coffee shop environment that is great for doing homework or getting caught up with a friend. Later at night, Starbucks offers the same great environment but a warm fire outside no matter the time of year. During the summer time Woodland Park has plenty of beautiful parks that provide great grass and tables in the shade. If you are looking for some scenery though, it’s not much of a far drive. A very well known field above Woodland Park known as “Top Of The World” or “The Opening” provides an amazing view. Only a 5 mile drive from the High School and two rights on rampart will bring you to a huge grass field perfect for photos, relaxing, and even star gazing.

After all, Woodland Park is a city with beautiful scenery, plenty of hiking, and activities to do. Yes, it is not the city that never sleeps but while awake there is no reason to be sitting at home all day. Get out, explore the miles of endless forest, go get some coffee with a friend, or maybe take a slow drive on Rampart.