Halloween Above The Clouds


Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

This Halloween Woodland Park High School had great activities planned for the community. treat street and the haunted house are the largest activities that the high school provides. Several people from the community contribute to these events. Students, teachers, administrators and others from Woodland Park participate. Halloween is a entertaining for all ages, however it can be a dangerous as well. Woodland Park High School makes efforts with these events to provide a fun and safe environment where parents are comfortable allowing their children to enjoy Halloween as they should. These activities are expected to have a large turnout.


When speaking with the dean of students and past theatre director Mrs. Lee, she explained her role here at Woodland Park High School during the activities. Mrs. Lee says, “I will be here as one of the administrators and will be helping out, making sure everyone is getting what they need, are where they’re supposed to be and I will also be helping out a bit with the haunted house since I’ve been in charge of it for the last few years”. Mrs. Lee and others play a large role in facilitating the Halloween events at Woodland Park High School. Lee describes how the haunted house is completely student driven. She says that it’s typically the best fundraiser for the theatre department.


We spoke with on of the students who ran the haunted house this season. Elliot Patterson, Abby Ludwick and Katie Longnecker were the three behind the scenes making sure everything went smoothly. Elliot Paterson gives much credit to his partners and explains the preparation it took to perfect it. Paterson says, “…we only had about an hour or two after school and everyone who auditioned had to be here on one of our days off from school…It was pretty much just one whole day and a rehearsal”. The students that participate in the haunted house have a lot on their plate. They’re completely in charge of the entire performance. Elliot explained how much preparation goes into the haunted house.


Treat street was one of the other activities here at Woodland Park High School this year. Treat street provides a safe, warm, and fun place for trick or treaters to spend their Halloween. Many people and organizations contribute to treat street at the high school. We spoke with a math teacher and faculty advisory for Key Club here at Woodland Park High School. Mr. Owen says that Key Club traditionally always decorates the math hallway with Halloween themed decorations and hands out candy to trick or treaters. Mr. Owen explains what treat street is, he says, “Treat street is kind of an alternative to Halloween for all of the kids in the community to come to Woodland Park High School and wall around the halls and get candy instead of going to people’s houses, that way parents don’t have to worry about the quality of candy…”. Mr. Owen explains that this event is consistently large. The events at Woodland Park High School have always been a great way for our community to come together and enjoy Halloween. Lots of preparation goes into the activities and everyone is very grateful.