Forensics battle


Jenna Brink, Reporter

For most people, public speaking is a dreadful task that is avoided at all cost. Some people find speaking in front of large crowds can cause stress and anxiety. And for others, all it takes is a few people to make sharing their opinions, facts or any normal conversation become uncomfortable. The fourth time this year freshman and any other new members of the team in forensics have spoken in front of hundreds of people. Previous members have also had to prepare for their specific events to deliver during a congressional debate competition, and a competition hosted at Woodland Park.


Bill Brown talks to his history and psychology classes almost all day, five out of seven days of the week. He stays at school even after the dismissal bell rings to lead his forensics team. Every single year Mr. Brown has lead the team, he has taken students to nationals and even states. This means for ten years in a row, students from Woodland Park High School have attended both nationals and states for ten years in a row. Students from Woodland Park have attended nationals for 27 different times. This year Mr. Brown hopes to continue the impressive streak by leading more students to nationals and hopefully states yet again. Although the season has already started, he looks forward to all the trips and memories he will be able to have spending time with the team.  He says “that you can never be too prepared” and continues with “Skills that we gain from this activity are somethings you will use the rest of your life.”

Cheyenne Brown, a senior who competes in informative speaking, has been in forensics since she was in seventh grade. This means, this year is her sixth year in forensics in a row. She explained that since her dad is the coach, she has grown up learning and competing in forensics. When asked about what she loves about the experience, she answered with, “I love having the whole team together, competing together, and doing crazy weird things together”. Every team can claim they form a family, a bond that will carry them throughout high school and possibly beyond. When wondering what truly makes the team unique, everyone made a gesture towards the family tree the had made. Cheyenne says “We form a family”. The team has truly made a family, not only on their unique family tree, but working together to make every experience a good one. Cheyenne also pointed out, “Everybody thinks we’re crazy, most people hate speaking in front of people and we do it for fun.”


The forensics team has already started to pave their way to states. They are doing great, and everyone’s locker has been decorated with the amount of points they have received during competition. These points will be updated after every competition they attend, showing off to the school how their hard work had paid off. But competing is not all about winning. They will continue to work hard while having a good time. The family will continue to laugh, bond, and create great memories together.