Ms. Pileggi’s Return


Michael Colvin, reporter

Jervaise Pileggi is known for teaching classes at the middle school while also having taught classes at the high school. She’s taught 13 years and this is her 7th year in Woodland Park. She currently doesn’t teach any classes. She doesn’t teach students but she works closely with the two advisories, Mrs. Stone and Quintana, who have the identified gifted students and anyone that needs help. When meeting students that she has taught before, she says it’s interesting to see students grow both physically and mentally. She also is interested in the maturity of students to see how much their personalities have changed. She also still enjoys recommending books to students she has taught before. Switching from the high school and middle school she says is dramatically different. She says everything is wilder and there were lots of running, stomping, and them being over dramatic. Then when she goes to the high school everyone is more relaxed and chill. She also mentions that she enjoys seeing students bonding with their teachers and reviewing over the things they have learned in class while also having them want to further their knowledge as a student to understand more of the lesson. She also notices students going to teachers mentioning that they won’t have them this year but they miss them she says there’s a certain amount of comradery between teachers and students. Ms. Pileggi is also the AP coordinator and she facilitates the PSAT and the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). She is also doing Nanowrimo in November for any students that want to participate just so they can work during their wandering days. She also wants to be here to help with scholarship essays and even college application essays she wants to take the Nanowrimo time to help those students with their goals or achievements. Currently, she doesn’t teach any classes for a reason, this reason is that the administration district wants her plan to be open in order for her to meet with families and students on demand. The meetings she haves can usually take up to an hour so they have a good length on them. One thing happening next year is for her to teach and co-teach with teachers during lessons. She is also there to help teachers make decisions on projects whether it would be a full project or if it would be a test. As seen she is being helpful to those in our school whether it is helping students, teachers, or administration. For now, the plan is to start out small as the special coordinator for those who are gifted in some parts. As the school year continues she will start to be more invested within the Woodland Park High School. Through the programs she runs and as the coordinator for AP, PSAT, NMSQT, and as Special Coordinator for the Identified Gifted. She enjoys seeing students have a good bond with teachers even with the ones she’s taught before. The School District wishes her luck to help as Coordinator.