Friday’s Themed Threads


Kyla Wells, Reporter

 Homecoming week is the prime example of heightened school spirit, with many activities to look forward to: the annual parade, dance, sports events, and last but not least, dress up days. The cheerleaders here at WPHS wanted to recreate the energy that homecoming week brings by executing a dress up day every football game Friday. Some of the themes have included tie-dye day, twin day, and construction worker day. This is the first year the high school has seen this, but from word around the high school, it has been a big hit.

When asked what the cheerleader’s inspiration for this idea was, Jessica Tanis, sophomore cheerleader said, “We wanted something to create school spirit, because there wasn’t a ton beforehand. And since we couldn’t hold pep assemblies every Friday, we decided to do dress up days instead”. This brings an interesting idea into perspective; after enduring grueling school weeks, students and staff need something to look forward to and put a little pep in our step. Something as simple as a themed Friday creates that for people.

It would be fantastic to have these spread throughout the year, and not just found within the fall sports season. Not to only support other teams, but to create more of a united school.  According to Jessica, “I think we’ll continue to do them [dress up days], but I’m not 100% sure. We haven’t voted on that yet”. A new theme was created every Friday, including away games, for football season, but we can’t say for sure whether future away games will be included because of all the planning and advertising it would entail.

Before the specific themes can be confirmed, the masterminds behind the idea, have to consult the cheerleading coach and the Dean of students, Ms. Lee to make sure the theme doesn’t encourage inappropriate attire. After that is all said and done, the upcoming Friday’s dress up day is set.

Talking with Tyler Baldus, who is affected by the dress up days first hand, it became apparent that the football players appreciate the movement to help achieve school spirit and to support Friday night lights, but they would like to see more participation. “Only like a fourth of the school does it, which is better than nothing, but we could get better”. Advertising definitely plays a role in how much involvement the school sees. As of now, posters are hung around the halls to act as a reminder of the upcoming theme. If more persistence was seen and the word was spread more, participation may increase, which would benefit all parties.

Overall, the ideas generated by this year’s cheerleaders are taking a step in the right direction to promote spirit and support. Hopefully, WPHS will continue to see these efforts in the future, with more students and staff taking part each week.