Adamson’s Class Changes


Michael Colvin and Libby Evans

If you were at WPHS last year and taking one of Mr. Adamson’s classes. The student and administration would know that his classes have had a change. Mr. Adamson now has Industrial Manufacturing with the combination of Woods and Welding. While having robotics being restored back into a club. When we went to go interview Mr. Adamson he had his woods class which he didn’t want his student’s to lose the privilege of woods craftsmanship. He decided to incorporate the classes together with Woods and Welding making the class Industrial Manufacturing. During this time Adamson also took the lead of Project Lead the Way. The engineering curriculum is for the college career for students. Between all of Project Lead the Way, Robotics, and Industrial Manufacturing class he says that it’s hard to find teachers that can teach these subjects. Robotics through Mr. Adamson’s eyes is “programming and electronics”. He says that “it can get kind of extensive”. Mr Adamson also said that “programming can be great for students to have as well as electronics”. Mr torrence teaches Principles of Engineering which they now use the Vex kits with the C+ programming language. Which is seen by most of the other schools that teach an engineering class. Adamson has many projects in mind for his industrial manufacturing class for both Woods and Welding subjects. He is going to teach his students how to operate the machinery along with the computer based machines. Mr Adamson stated that “the school wants to lead the path for Project Based Learning”.


         After interviewing Mr. Adamson, we then interviewed Mrs. Gannon. Mrs. Gannon’s thoughts on combining the classes were overall positive and is glad to still have those programs for students since students find a certain enjoyment from the class. Mrs. Gannon agreed with the combination in order to have more enrollment in order to keep the woods class since students enjoyed the woods class. Having both are good for both students who like welding or woods, maybe even both. Project Lead the Way is a new program at this school. Mrs. Gannon mentions that “it’s certificate based and articulation based”. If a student were to leave the high school doing Project Lead the Way the student would be able to take the college credits from the class. It gives the students that opportunity to get the tech ed credits for college for those wanting to focus on the tech side of the world. Mrs. Gannon mentioned that the change of robotics being turned into a club was just to make space for Project Lead the Way since the classes need the space for the classes in order for the classes to be teached in a normal 7 day period. As seen the looks of the class changes have been overall positive for both a teaching and administrative stand. Wish the school district a bright future giving students the tech and manufacturing credits they need for a successful college career.