Getting to Know Your Governing Body


Makayla Carrico

The school year of 2018-19 not only brings new adventures to the students of Woodland Park, but a new administration.

One of the newest members to the Administration is Steve Woolf, Steve is currently serving as the superintendent for the district. Mr. Woolf is a “Kansas boy,” where he grew up in a small town of 600 and a graduating class of 30. In his high school career he competed in athletics like football, basketball, and track. During his College career at Kansas State he played football as well. He was also involved in plays, band, and forensics. He did everything there was, “I love school.”   

“ It made sense that what you want to do in life is find something that you love, that you get paid for. So when I watch you work I don’t know whether your working or playing neither do you” “This isn’t work for me. What I do, I love” So he went into education,  where he served as a middle school principal for 18 years and a superintendent for 10 plus years. He also taught social sciences and served as a football, basketball, and track coach.

What brought Mr. Woolf to Woodland Park was his son, who is a paleontologist down at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park. They came up a lot to visit their son and have close friends in the area. When the job position opened up, it was the perfect time.    

Mr. Woolf is a dedicated father of five plus a therapy dog named Benjamin, who might see wondering around the schools.

Growing up in a high Agriculture community with programs like the FFA(Future Farmers of America, which is a program that promotes agriculture education), Mr.Woolf would like to give the students of Woodland Park the opportunities to participate in Agriculture/outdoor programs. Programs like “WILD” that he created, that are a school club where you can engage in anything outdoors from gardening, animal Ag., water quality, to hunting/fishing, plus more. In order to “Get kids outside”. Good news, you won’t have to wait too long for new programs like these to come along, this spring there will be a clay target shooting team, boys or girls. You’ll travel around the region competing against other schools just like any other sport but instead you’ll be shooting at a target. If shooting isn’t your thing, here are some future classes that might strike your fancy, construction science, cyber security class where you can get a certificate, a CNA class, as well as an increase in college classes that a provided to the students.  If interest raises more and more opportunities can be offered to the students.There’s all kinds of opportunities. We want to make sure no kid disappears, every kid has a niche to fit into.”  And with these new opportunities you are able to “Find what you love and love what you do.” Be sure to keep an eye out for these exciting new programs in the upcoming school years.

The new “School Culture” on the first day back to school the assembly was quite different than what we used too. You can expect to keep on experiencing this new “culture” throughout the district, for the hope is to create an environment where one enjoys coming to school and want’s too.   “How do we treat you?” First step,  you start off being engaged with the people around you, bring people of outside of your click in and get to know them and the teachers on a personal level. Thus creating the “school culture.”

Not only is Mr.Woolf a good-ole-boy but he’s been to the “bright lights, big city” scene; he did commercials like Campbell’s Soup and a western movie. Some other interesting facts about Mr.Woolf, he wrote a book called “Heart to heart teaching,”  loves native american history, and has meet Cher and Matt Long from the TV show Friends.

The vision for the district moving forward Mr.Woolf and the administration would like the current and future students of the district to have a successful life. “Ultimately we want to lead the world in success of each student, it ain’t about state assessments…two years from now  you aren’t heading well toward that dream I’m gonna feel like a failure.” It’s about, “How can we set up people to where they heading toward  what they’re passionate about?” In order to accomplish this you to have “GRIT”. “Purpose, Passion, and perseverance, You take people with a purpose and they’re passionate about it and they got perseverance to pull through. If we can build kids with grit that’s where we’re heading.” You have to find “What you’re passionate about.” Whether it’s through a project or an activity you will be able to find “what you’re passionate about.” “If every kid can come to school and do something they’re good at and like everyday they have a really good chance to be successful.”

Finally, from Mr. Woolf’s own words that all should know is “even though I don’t know all their names yet, I don’t know what they’re passionate about yet, that I love them…and so does the rest of the staff.”