Teacher Classifications


Lavana Hahs, Reporter

We’ve all been there, you absolutely hate one of your teachers! You dread their class and celebrate when it’s over. However we all have that one teacher that makes the subject they teach fun. Most of the time it doesn’t matter what subject the teacher is teaching but instead how they teach it. When the teacher can make subjects fun and make a few jokes the students can feel more comfortable and learn a little smoother.
You might not think so but most students can like a teacher more based on the way the teacher has set up their room and the aesthetics and vibes they get off of the decor can help them relate to the teachers. We want teachers who are constantly helping and teaching us ways to be a better person and strive for better, not just teaching us what they have to. Malgoratza Drews said, “A good teacher needs to be patient and willing to help students and be caring.” Teachers who take risks and can have real conversation with the class are probably one of the best things they can do. It’s nice to get to know a little about your teachers. After learning about them you can come up with conversations and talk about certain topics easier if you already know a little about their opinions. Emma Hembrough says, “I’ve learned a lot from Mr. Reads class, he’s a very great teacher.” We all know that students can be horrible to teachers and other students, and a teacher that knows when to listen to a student and when to simply ignore one and move the class along is amazing, put the class slacker in their place!
When you have a least favorite teacher it’s for a reason. One of the biggest pet peeves I heard from students about teachers is when they pick you for the answer when you weren’t raising your hand. Teachers are always going on about respecting them, for obvious reasons, but it can get on our nerves when they say that and can’t give us the same treatment. We want teachers to be able to understand the students perspective and not push boundaries. Devon Berge goes on to say, “They should have consideration for the students and not be rude or think they’re better than the student.” Consideration for your students is important too. Everybody hates being yelled at, so I think everybody can agree that you shouldn’t ever yell at students. It makes you look aggressive and students will be less likely to want to give you attention and talk to you.
Ultimately at the end of the day though we should still treat every teacher with the same amount of respect because they are trying to help us become better people and get us ready for adulthood. Even if they are harsh, you hate their subject or the way they teach it just try your best. So get out there and learn something new!