Knowledge Bowl


Jenna Brink, Reporter

When I say the word athlete, most people think of a quarterback throwing the winning pass to the wide receiver, cheerleaders standing high in the air and tumbling encouraging others on, cross country runners pacing themselves to make the final sprint to the finish line, or anything along those lines. Every athlete that comes to mind trains hard and smart, pushing their limits and striving to be better then they were the day before. Every single member in the Knowledge Bowl team trains this way for competitions as well. They come up with strategies and train every week to help their team move forward to dominate their competitors. They also rotate who controls the buzzers during practice to help everyone learn from each other, while also getting a turn to help them familiarize themselves with the buzzer system. Finally, if their team has to answer, since communication is limited, they show a scale of 1 to 5 with their hands. This allows the the team that buzzed in the opportunity of finding out who would be the best person to answer that specific question.
For nineteen years, Mr. Read has lead the team on amazing adventures, learning new things, attending competitions, statewide and even nationally. This year, he has hopes of leading the new team to States, which for the past three years, they have earned their spot in. Two years ago, the team worked hard and smart enough to make it all the way to nationals and the trophy they won is even displayed in the school. Read warmly welcomes the many incoming freshman and loves how the club is very accepting to anyone and everyone. Since the team would lack members previous years, he is especially excited for the amount of members this year. He loves how the team has a way of creating relation between everyone and how some of them have lasted for years. He encourages everyone that may be doubting themselves to stick with what they believe and thinks it’s cool that even out of everyone on the team only one person could know the answer and can get a turn to speak. With Mr. Read’s great leadership skills and encouragement, he believes that everyone should have no limits of what can be accomplished.
For junior, Greg Pappadakis this will be his second year competing. He says one of his biggest accomplishments while being a part of the team was contributing his knowledge to the A-team last year. This year, he looks forward to hanging out with his friends and giving answers to the any questions that are thrown at him. Savannah Bluins, a freshman and brand new member of the team says she is looking forward to meet new people, be more involved in school activities and learn new things, especially math and more about the world in general. She is usually very visual and is looking forward to the challenge of not having a paper or pencil out in front of her. The knowledge bowl team has made many amazing memories throughout the years and is looking forward to make many more this year.