Fresh Staff For a Fresh School Year


Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

With this new school year under roll we are introduced to a new set of instructors. Different teaching styles along with new personalities will allow an improved atmosphere here at Woodland Park High School. Most of the new faculty plans on implementing technology into their curriculum which is different from teachers in the past.This will allow students to learn how to use their resources effectively. A considerable amount of the incoming instructors are fairly young, the new youth will help students relate to their teachers and hopefully break down those walls we tend to put up when it comes to relationships with our teachers.


When interviewing Ms. Crist who is a first generation college student and has recently graduated from CSU Fort Collins in 2018, she expresses her love for history and students. Crist communicates that she is very excited to become a new member of our community. Her love for history is so prominent that she used to give her grandparents homework. A passion for the subject such as Ms.Crist’s’ will be valued among fellow teachers and students.


Many of the other new instructors share the same passion as Ms. Crist. Ms. Gabriel’s states, “I am adopted, I had a lot of rough things going on in highschool, I want kids in my class to know highschool is important and that there are ways to get past it, and there are people who care outside their family”. At only twenty-two Gabriels has worked as a journalist at CNN in the health department. She plans on implementing technology into her curriculum often. Ms. Gabriels is new to Woodland Park and discovered the job because of the new superintendent Mr. Wolfe, they knew each other from University of Kansas where he was a professor.


Another new teacher to Woodland Park High School is Mr. Schroettin, he teaches freshman english exclusively. Mr. Schroettin expresses how deeply he enjoys seeing kids change from year to year and blossoming into functioning adults. His former school was much smaller and had a lesser number of opportunities than what Woodland Park High School offers. Schroettin hopes to bring a sense of community to Woodland park due to the presence of division he has observed during his time here.


Not only are there new teachers at Woodland Park High School but a new principle as well, Mr. Burr.  Mr. Burr has lots of experience in education. He has studied at several colleges including Harvard. Burr would like to convey that our community can do things differently than we have in the past as well as adjusts as student needs adjust.


The new staff here in Woodland Park are excited, motivated and equipt for a great school year. They’re all eagre to contribute to Woodland Park High School and join our mountainous community. Teachers from several backgrounds and locations accompany us for the 2018-2019 school year with anticipation to build a stronger foundation for years to come.