The Plan


Dacotah Simonis, Reporter

In today’s society so many people are depressed. Most of them either can’t afford help

or refuse to get help. People glorify suicide, so many people talk about it and post on social media about it. They talk about how painful depression is for the person, but not the people around them.


Depression is just as hard for the people close to it as it is for the person depressed. It’s not an indirect pain either. The people around you are always on edge because they feel you’re so fragile that if they say anything wrong it will upset you. They stay up all night to make sure you don’t need them. They turn on their phone ringer so they will wake up if you call. Every time a phone goes off they are scared that is a call saying you ended it, and they have nightmares every other night about you. The pain you feel isn’t just on you. Everyone close to you feels it. Everyone close to you wants to help you also.


We understand that it’s so hard for you to keep going everyday but you also need to understand that we feel your pain. The pain you feel will go away with time, it could be a long time yes, but time. If you end it now then you’d never get to experience the good things that were going to come into your life. You won’t get to get married, or have kids, or grow old. Right now it seems like the only choice, but it’s not. You have other options. People want to help you. Your pain will fade and life will get better. You have to trust in the plan. Walk don’t run. If you end things, all you’re doing is passing your pain away. If you’re actually in that much pain you shouldn’t want anyone else to feel it. You’re pain is temporary, but the pain you will pass on will last so much longer than any pain you could have felt. They have to live the rest of their lives knowing they couldn’t help you, or you didn’t trust them enough to let you help.


No matter how much you think that there is nothing left for you, no matter how much you want to stop fighting, don’t. Someone always cares, someone always wants to help. You have a future. You’re supposed to fall in love with someone. You’re supposed to raise a family. You’re supposed to make it past this. Don’t give up. Wake up and fight every morning for what you know you deserve and what you know is coming your way. What goes down must come up. Things will come up, don’t stop trying.