Music helping others


Sophia Moore, Reporter


Although music is seen as a distraction in school to most teachers, it’s also a pretty good resource for students. As far as I’ve seen, music is used to help kids focus in school and improve the results of studying. Several studies have proven that music actually is a key factor to improving studying and those who listen to music studying may actually be better off from it. Obviously teachers view listening to music in class differently than how students do, but i’ve touched base with a few students and a teacher to find out their opinions on the topic.

I went out and found a sophomore at Woodland Park High School named Hunter Avert, a student who always has headphones in during class. I knew he would be the perfect person to discuss this topic with. When I asked him how often he’s told to take out his headphones, he replied with “honestly probably about 8 times throughout the day”. I asked him why he thought teachers made him take out his headphones he said, “they probably think I don’t pay attention but honestly they just help me focus more than I would without them”. I asked him how his music helped him in school and he said “ it calms me down and helps me focus on my work and not my distractions around me”.

I also wanted to get a teachers point of view on this situation. I found a teacher who I know has a huge issue with music and headphones in her class, but she asked for her name to stay anonymous. I asked why she didn’t like her students having headphones in during her class and she said, “ I just think they distract the students from my lectures or from their school work. They just don’t pay attention”. My next question that I asked her was if she had ever stopped to think that maybe headphones help students focus and she replied with, “there’s some cases where I know students use it to focus more but there’s also kids who just do it to do it, not to benefit their education.” So even though it may seem as a distraction to teachers it actually benefits students in a great way. According to data collected in 2014 studies prove that 67% of the time kids listen to music during class they focus better and get better scores on their tests. Personally, when I listen to music during tests I always perform better because it blocks out the distractions in my class. I take out my headphones during lectures so I’m still able to listen to my teachers. Overall, I think music during school has positive outcomes for the students.