Going To College?


Shay Garverick, Reporter

There are many schools that students have to pass through to be able to provide for themselves. Elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. College isn’t for everyone, but by continuing with it, you will be rewarded with an actual career. For seniors, this time is the busiest time of the year. They have to look up colleges that would benefit their future goals, visit these colleges to make sure that is really where they want to go, apply, send in their information, and then graduate at the very end of the school year. Applying to scholarships is somewhere in the mix too. Some seniors have already graduated at the end of last semester, but a good many are still in attendance at WPHS. One semester gone, another to make it through.


In-state colleges seem to be a good choice for some of our seniors. Going to college nearby makes living conditions and job search easier because students have lived in Colorado for a good portion of their lives and know where they can survive. Students are familiar with grocery stores, local careers, part time jobs, and living arrangements. The knowledge of the area helps students acclimate to being an adult and caring for themselves instead of living off their parents. Some seniors are looking for more hands on careers like engineering. Alexander Houghland looks forward to going to an in-state college to look into chemical engineering. “It will definitely be good to go out there and experience a new way of learning and seeking new information,” Alex replied when asked if he was excited to be able to go to college once he graduates. Michael Melson is planning to attend Pikes Peak Community College for art and a minor of applied science. He is very excited to go and start his future. He has a bright future ahead of him.


In-state colleges may be better for transitioning to an independent lifestyle, but it is not the best way for many students. Others need to move away to get better education for better careers. Law, politics, law enforcement, culinary, medical, and military careers can all be better learned out of state and in better facilities. Just listening to people’s opinions in Advisory, many of my peers want to go out of state for law and there are a lot of doctors-to-be. Seniors have to look up many colleges all over the world to find a college that suits their needs and how they are able to become their dream career. So many students learn in many different ways and staying home where things are much more comfortable may not be what some students need. No offense to them, it is great that they are striving for bigger things than what we have here in Colorado.


As a third, metaphorical door, seniors have the option to have a GAP year and get right into the workforce instead of going to college right out of high school. Money may be tight and college is nowhere in reach, and that is okay. Don’t feel like going back to school right after getting out of it, that is your choice, seniors. No one is judging you. Your future is your future. Go and take it in whichever way is comfortable for you.