What Happened To The Band?


Shay Garverick, Reporter

“A band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud.” –George Parks

In middle school, students are required to take at least one musical oriented class; concert band, choir, guitar classes, or Music Appreciation. Because music was a requirement from the sixth through eighth grades, the band program had almost too many students for one teacher to handle. Then students graduate and music is no longer something students had to do in order to get all of their school credits. Sports and other extra curricular classes stole the attention from previous band students, minimizing the band program from almost 100 to not even 30 students per class. Music is an essential to living life to its fullest and this music program is losing valuable members who would benefit from continuing in instrumentation.


The main reason many students have abandoned their instruments is because of sports. Practices take up too much time or games come during important performances. Patrice Schnierle, a former band member, said, “I had played the clarinet in 6th and 7th grade. Then I got into volleyball and didn’t really have time to play anymore. I just kind of wish I still did band. It’s just something to always remember, I guess.” This sentiment is echoed by a student that no longer attends Woodland Park High school. Gray Symes agrees that the band program would benefit from more students returning or admitting themselves to the band saying, “It would be awesome.”


For those who continue to pursue the musical arts through instrumentation, their musical career depends on their own faithfulness and the size of their band. Students spend whole days with both the marching band and the concert band, working their hardest to pull the attention of the community and their former bandmates back to the program and continue the wonderful experience that is making music. “Concert band had a lot of people because there was at least five people, about, in each section. Now, it’s gone down to one per section or not even a section at all,” Lauren Greiner explained, being the only one in her own section. “It makes me really sad that people dropped out when it is a great program….I would be very happy about it,” being the idea of a larger band, ”if  they were enjoying what they were doing. An unhappy band is not a good band.”


Concert band is a huge deal to a few students. Because of the frequent changes of band directors and sports after school, band students have left the program to do other activities. Hopefully, now that Mrs. Martinez has joined the school as a full time band director, band students will return to the program to make things exciting and fun. Many band students enjoy band to its fullest and wish to continue this program way past high school and into college, even pursuing band for a career.