Social Media Getting In the Way?


Dacotah Simonis , Reporter

The world is ran by social media. There are hundreds of apps to help you either meet new people or help you to stay connected with friends and family. There are a lot of beneficial things to social media but also some negative things too. People from all over the world use social media. There are billions of people in the world registred on at least one social media account. That means there are billions of people you don’t know who could potentially find all your information and track you. Social media is very dangerous if it’s not used in the right manner or in a unsmart way.


Social Media is also the cause for one of the biggest bullying trends; cyberbullying. Kid’s no longer push kids against the lockers and take their lunch money. They won’t say things to your face anymore. They hide behind phone screens and laptop monitors because they know no direct consequences can happen to them. Kids believe it’s okay to bully because it’s not to their face. ully kids because they can’t see them and they aren’t actually talking to them. Kids don’t see what they’re actually doing to them because they can’t see them. They don’t understand that they could be hurting them a lot and causing them a lot pain, that’s why cyberbullying can cause such hurt and pain; it is relentless.


There’s positive things for social media too. Such as people will never lose contact with people they care about. They will always know what’s going on in other people’s lives. People have multiple ways to talk to friends and family in many ways. They can snapchat, text, talk on any social media app, or FaceTime/video chat. There are endless ways to stay connected. Social media is very educational too. Not only do they have ads on almost all apps but there are pages that are specifically to educate people. There are pages for NASA, Natgeo Wild, etc. Social media helps kids do assignments and learn things they wouldn’t otherwise learn.


If you’re going to be on social media for any reason make sure to be safe and smart. Don’t add anyone you don’t know because it can have serious consequences. Don’t bully over the internet because it can have more repercussions than it can if you bully them in public, but don’t bully at all. Use social media for good things and in a positive way.