New Year New Staff


Destiny Haycock , Reporter

I have come to the realization that we have just around twenty four brand new teachers, here at WPHS. I wonder how they feel about what they are teaching and the environment that they are teaching in, compared to their old school or whatever else it is they were up to in their time before Woodland Park. Jordan Post, a new teacher here at WPHS says, “This is my first year teaching here at WPHS!” I asked Mr. Post what he liked and disliked about teaching here. This is his response: “ I like the atmosphere of Woodland Park High School, it is more aligned with my personal teaching philosophy. I enjoy the level of professional cooperation and trust, as well as the student dynamics here. Really, I can’t say there is much I don’t like!” Which was awesome. I also interviewed Mr. Charles Gerszewski, a new teacher here as well. I asked him who or what inspired him to teach. “ My parents were both educators and planted the seed regarding teaching.  I also had some amazing teachers growing up that left lasting impressions guiding me to the teaching profession – especially Mrs. Gremmels, my 4th grade teacher – probably my favorite teacher of all time.”  After talking with a couple of new teachers, I have noticed that some new teachers in our building are super awesome!

Now onto another subject. I have the feeling that we need better and/or new subjects to teach about. Or maybe even new sports. WPHS needs something more to bring more attention to us! For example, maybe tennis, rugby, or even a dirtbiking club. New classes would include home ec, aquatic fitness class, a swim team. We need new classes because there is just too much to learn in life and having only the classes we need to graduate from WPHS with us. Students are not allowing ourselves to just learn and grow as people. Yes, we need certain classes in order to graduate high school, and go to college, and not really have a social life. Even a social class, where people can learn to make friends and how to live in the real world. I think we need a class to help teach financial aid. Modern kids need to learn how to pay taxes, and do bills. Learning how to maintain money for ourselves that way when we are all adults. We do not have to rely on someone else to do these things for us, nor do we have to struggle with the stress that will be put on us, with work and maybe even college for some of us. That would put our school in kids in good hands for starting our adulthood life.