Clothing Affects Outlook on People


Sophia Moore, Nic Hale, Kaden Koksma , Reporters

In today’s world, not only students but society as a whole is based on appearances.  Appearances and first impressions are a deciding factor in how people are judged. This is a common issue in our society, but it’s also seen throughout our school. To get an insight on how people at school felt about this, we decided to ask around. Sophomore Maddie Hengeller shared her opinion on the topic, “Well people are usually judged and stereotyped based on what they wear and their clothing. Clothing says a lot about who the person is”. When asked if she had ever judged someone based on their appearance she replied with, “I try not to, but I believe everyone judges everyone no matter what”. Clothing seems to add pressure to students lives in fear of judgement.

Now that we had an idea on how students viewed clothing and appearances, we wanted to get an insight on what teachers thought about this. The teacher we decided to talk to about this topic was Mr. Post. When we asked Mr. Post what his opinion on how clothing effects judgement was, he responded with, “ I think that it can provide an instant impression based on how someone’s dressed. Whether that be for the person who’s observing or the person who’s actually wearing it”. We then decided to ask him if he had ever made any assumptions about students based on what they wore to school. He answered with, “ You know, I’ll have to be honest and say definitely. I try not to, but if someone’s wearing, say like khakis and a t-shirt versus someone who’s wearing spongebob pajama pants. You know there might be bias there even if I try not to have it”. Just out of curiosity we decided to ask Mr. Post if he was ever concerned about his looks when he was in school. He then said “ Yes. I think that’s a very vulnerable time in anyone’s life, even if someone is very confident. I didn’t worry about it too much, I look back, I think I just wore what was practical or comfortable for me. I wasn’t too worried about fashion”.

Everywhere we look today our minds automatically create some type of judgement towards others around us just based on how they look. Almost as if our type of shoes or shirt defines our personalities and us as a person.Our first impressions automatically put us into some type of category of a stereotype that our outfit or style fits into.  It doesn’t seem to be something we can fix in our society. Kids nowadays are just afraid of being rejected or outcasted so they put so much time and effort into their appearance so no one will make a quick, negative judgement due to what they’re wearing. This idea of having to look perfect all the time is because over time society had enforced self-esteem and confidence issues. Implying the fact that if you don’t look good, you’re not good enough.