New Year, New Faces


Destiny Haycock , reporter

Do you remember what the transition was like from middle school, to high school? Have ever been to a new school and experienced new teachers? In what ways are the teachers different? Do you like the teachers here, or your old school better and why? Sophia Moore, sophomore, and new student this year says, “I feel like my teachers at my old school, Liberty High School in Arizona interacted with me much more and I like that but, the teachers here at WPHS are more laid back and a lot less strict. However, I do like the teachers at my old school better.” How do lunches compare from the old school to the new? I know that when I was a freshman here, the lunches were much better than when I was in middle school. “Woodland Park High School`s lunch is good stuff. I rate it a five. I rate the Woodland Park Middle School`s  lunch a one.” Says Nicholai Vogel, a freshman this year at Woodland Park High School. Vogel says there are many more choices than in middle school. His favorite dish here is the chinese dish.

When I was transitioning from middle school to high school, I remember it was one of the most scary things I have experienced. Liberty Dilliard says, “It was pretty hard going from middle school to high school. I feel the teachers here are more open with students and a lot better in a teaching matter. I was really nervous when I first got here. Some pros to high school would be that I get to make new friends and some cons would be that some of the people here are not how they were in middle school and they can be very rude sometimes.” It was a hard decision, but after about thirty seconds of thinking, Liberty said she would prefer high school over middle school MOST of the time. Transitioning from middle to high school is a rough thing to do. Almost all of the people change, and more work and responsibility comes around for everyone. “It was nerve wrecking starting high school because of new people. But it is not hard. It was really hard finding my classes until I learned that they are all in the same general area. I prefer high school because it feels like we have more freedom than in middle school.” Says Connar Cavanaugh, a freshman here at WPHS. I wonder how they feel about passing period. I talked to Danielle Moreno, another freshman here at WPHS. Moreno says “I feel that passing period would be enough time if people in the hallways would not clump into little groups and block everything off. It is okay though for me because most of my classes are all together so I am not always late.” I then asked her what she feels about middle school versus high school. “I would rather be at my middle school, in Temecula California. It was a private school and I felt more enclosed there but in a good way,and I had better teachers and friends.” Said Danielle.

Overall, your experiences at Woodland Park High School greatly depends on how you feel about your experiences with education in the past. It is always exciting moving to a new school and it always takes a bit a getting used to before you make a new school your home.