Change Coming to the Library?


Shay Garverick , reporter

The WPHS library has to be the second best hangout spot, other than the commons, in the whole school. Students are frequently coming and going and with each new class coming into the high school, their opinions change and a good student is a comfortable student. The past few years, the library has been in good use for quiet places to do homework and eat lunch away from the deafening commons. Changing their surroundings to a student’s liking or an appealing environment allows their attention to be more focused on their true objectives than foreign places. During the first week of the school year, the announcements have continuously notified the students of the option to change the look of the library. Maybe a change is in order for a new school year. This comes from adding a positive, academic space for students to come and study or work in peace. Place for user friendly areas for students to use things such as IPads, electronics, and the computers to work. Other libraries in our district and beyond have also tried to change their libraries to quiet, friendly environments.


When asked their opinion about the what they would like from the library, both students Sage Drummond, sophomore, and Miranda Melson, senior, said that they liked the library just the way it was. They wouldn’t want to change anything about the library. Just for the sake of another opinion, Sydney Greiner said, “It would be amazing to eat lunch in there again.” Going to the library for lunch is important for some students to get away from the volume of the commons during lunches and have a quieter place to enjoy their lunch. Of course, this sense of quiet lunches must be taken very seriously if the library will only turn into a second commons, which is not cool.


Before school, after school,and during both lunches on a daily basis, the WPHS library is used more that once a day. Classes doing actual work or a semi-quiet place to eat lunch with your closest friends. Students are expected to speak their mind and come to the library during their lunch, First Lunch on Thursdays and Second Lunch on Fridays, to meeting to support this development to a better library. These meeting will determine what changes will happen to the library, such as bringing their lunches and hanging out in the library. Students are welcome to join and place in their opinion. With these meetings, come such events as a game, with prizes, where students can compete against one another. Any students are welcome to join these meetings. The Librarian, Mrs. Boggs, she says she is really depending on student interpretation and ideas to develop and improve the library.


This change to the library could benefit the school by giving students just the right place to study, hang out with friends, be on your electronics, and eat a quiet lunch with maybe a book or two.