New Graduation Requirements for Freshmen


Nic Hale, Kaden Koksma , reporter

Graduation requirements are getting harder for the class of 2021. Colorado state requirements for graduating are now getting harder for the freshman class of 2021 and for every class that follows. The new requirements is scoring a 18 on the english ACT and a 19 on the math ACT. This presents a problem to the new high school students because if these requirements would have been in place in the 2016-2017 school year than a little more than half, around 50-60%, of our graduating students would not have graduated last year. We decided to interview some freshman to get their thoughts and opinions on the new graduation requirements. Rylie freeland, a new freshman to Woodland Park High School, shared her thoughts and opinions on the topic, “Well I definitely think that these new graduation requirements are going to be a struggle but we’re just going to have to study and work harder to overcome this obstacle.”  We also interviewed another freshman named Hannah Lawless for her opinions on these new requirements, “ It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but we’re going to need to direct our focus towards English and Math in order to meet these new requirements.”  To provide an outsider’s perspective on the matter we decided to interview sophomore Ellen Miller. “I think that they’re pretty intense, and there definitely a little more harsh than when I was a freshman, considering that seniors last year, about 50- 60 percent of them wouldn’t have graduated. It’s a little nerve racking  that if seniors won’t be able to do it, freshman won’t be able to do it either. It puts a lot more stress on them.”

The truth is freshman will have a obstacle to overcome, and it’s very unfortunate. These new freshmen are going to need to adapt and learn to work around this challenge that they’re being faced with. So what can students do to surpass this challenge? As a student here at Woodland Park High School, I myself am aware of how students will definitely need to begin preparing for these new graduation requirements. These new rules definitely present a challenge to those students who don’t quite take school as seriously, and often struggle with passing tests and classes. Yet, there are a few things these students should start doing in order to be able to walk across that stage with a high school diploma. These students should begin learning how to change their study habits, thus getting these students to be more motivated towards the ultimate goal of graduating, as well as learning to cope with these new requirements. Every high school year something changes from the previous year, for these new freshmen Colorado is now requiring them to earn at or above a certain score on the ACT in order to graduate from high school. There is no reason these freshman should be concerned about this, due to the fact that they should want to earn a good grade on the ACT in order to have a chance of getting into a good college. The class of 2021 is faced with a challenge, but one thing is for sure, these freshman will overcome this obstacle and learn to cope with these requirements. The future is bright for these freshman and no obstacle can stop them from success.