The Bathroom Situation


Angelo Salazar, Writer

Let’s face it. We have a serious issue with our school’s restrooms. Both girls and boys bathrooms have severe problems. Whether that be issues with toilets, sinks, or just the way the restroom is presented. This is not only bad for our school, but for the people who use the restrooms. It is a huge hygiene problem. This is why I believe we should remodel our restrooms with new material. We should have new dividers, sinks, urinals, and whatever else the school believes we should have in our restrooms. It sounds like a great Idea, but where will we get the money from? Well, our school recently received a new sales tax that is already set towards getting new equipment. I think that if our school were to take a second to think over the situation , it would be something that can be changed fast and easier than people think. I got the opportunity to speak with a manager of an international construction company named Jason.  “Building restrooms cost a lot of money. It can also be a long process,” said Jason in my interview with him. I asked Jason what the estimated amount would be if our restrooms would to have new bathroom material such as new tile, divider, sinks (etc.), and he told me it would average to about 50,000 dollars. Now, I know that seems like a lot of money, because it is. We should find the solution to this problem. I found a statistic on that said 70% of people have a bad experince in a public restroom because of the condition of the restroom. So if our restrooms are improved, our school would not be another statistic. I got the chance to speak with sophomore student at WPHS, Nate Bashor, about our remodel idea, and to talk about the boys bathrooms. He said, “I think it’s a good idea, other than the fact the we might be able to find the money to reach that goal.” I asked Bashor what would be the one main thing we should change in the restrooms. He replied with, “Definitely the toilets. They look like they are rarely taken care of.”  In my personal opinion, I say we should fix this problem quickly, so that way we can have a better future for our school and better reputation. Statistics show that you spend about 90 days (3 months) in a bathroom. So why spend that time in a disgusting germ infested bathroom?  This issue needs to be addressed within the next few years, or I think our bathrooms will not last, because of the conditions of them.