Changes To The School


Angelo Salazar, Writer

Woodland Park High School is made up of rules that make WPHS a safe learning environment. But has our District ever decided to hear what the student body has to say about rules, and what rules students would want?  What about lunches, or the times we get to school? The teachers are not what make up the school, we the students make up the school. So with that being said, I had the chance to speak to some students who has some very interesting answers. I spoke with Daniel Dial who is a freshman here at WPHS. He personally believes that we should have shorter weeks. Dial says we should have school Monday through Thursday. “I know a lot of schools that have that schedule, and they have no problem with it,” said Dial. Dial also thinks we as a school should have more pep rallies, because we do not much school spirit throughout the school year. I also spoke with freshman Cameron Rook who plays quarterback. Rook says we should allow all grades to go off campus during our lunch periods. “There is nothing wrong with it. We should be responsible enough as high school students to go off and get lunch somewhere else other than school food.” Another student I spoke with was sophomore Michael Shrum, another football player here at WPHS, and he gave his opinion on what we as the school should change. Shrum says we should have a consistent schedule, and not a schedule that throws everybody off. “We  have such a weird schedule with the block. It should be consistent throughout the week, so others and I get at the same time and go to school at the same time everyday.” said Shrum. Michael Gibbs is a senior and he has an interesting opinion on what we should change about our school. “We should have a ROTC program here at WPHS. This allows students to decide if they want to join the military.” Gibbs has signed with the US Navy, and wishes that we had this opportunity for our students. Students should have just as much power over what decisions are made than our administration. Like I stated before, the administration does not make up the school, we make up the school.