ALICE Institutive


Mac McClintock, Reporter

Woodland Park has been trying to improve their school’s safety by introducing a new program known as ALICE. ALICE is revolutionizing how schools would approach the real threat of a school shooting. The biggest difference is that school officials are no longer encouraging the students to barricade in and basically make themselves easy targets for the shooter. Since ALICE is an acronym the easiest way to attack what it means is simply by going through each letter and going into detail about what each stands for. The “A” in ALICE stands for alert, which is a major key to being able to prevent a tragedy. Woodland Park has made “alerting” a much easier task by putting phones in all of the classrooms which can call the main office to be able to alert where the shooter is. It is also important to note that “alerting” is not strictly for staff, but also for students, so they can identify a unsafe situation and seek safety.  The” L” is for Lock-down, which from my understanding is a last case resort and not something that the school or the Woodland Park Police Department would want. With that being said, it still is something that students need to be prepared for as it is best to have as many options as possible in case of an emergency. The” I” stands for inform, which is basically the same thing as alert and if we are all being honest it is only in here to make the acronym work. The “C” represents, counter which is the most vital part of ALICE because it represents the largest change from past procedures. While everything else is great the fact is that it is now encouraged to attack the shooter rather than let the attacker be the aggressor. The real point though is that the police want to try and take as much control away from the shooter as possible and limit his power. The” E” in ALICE is evacuate this is rather self-explanatory. The fewer people who are in the school the fewer that can be victims. This is also a change from the past as it was taught that everyone should just stay put until the police came for them.

It seems to be a common belief among the student body that the ALICE initiative is a much better way of handling a shooter on campus. Brett Jackson, a junior, puts it best, “All it really tells us is to go hit the guy and not sit in a corner like a bunch of sitting ducks, and that to me sounds like a much better plan.” It is obvious that the school hopes that this scenario will never come to fruition, but it is best that we are prepared for the worst.