Super Bowl 50


Angelo Salazar, Reporter

Super Bowl 50 was a great match up between the 17-1 Carolina Panthers and the 14-4 Denver Broncos. Both teams had a tremendous season, and between Carolina’s unstoppable offense, and Denver’s number 1 ranked defense in the NFL, both teams proved very hard to beat. Both teams made it to the biggest stage in the world. Before kickoff, the Panthers won the coin toss and selected to have the ball at the second half of the game. Once Super Bowl 50 was underway, the Broncos offense had the ball at the twenty yard line. Denver had a good opening drive with quarterback Peyton Manning completing three out of four passes, and running back C.J Anderson with a few first downs. Denver kicked a field goal to be in the lead at the start of the game making the score three to zero. Carolina received the ball after Denver’s kickoff. With the Carolina third and ten on Denver’s fifteen yard line, outside linebacker Von Miller forced quarterback Cam Newton to lose the ball, and then defensive tackle Malik Jackson fell into the end zone with a Broncos defensive touchdown, the first touchdown of the game. Carolina got the ball back and quickly drove down the field and scored with a running back Jonathan Stewart leaping touchdown. The score was close but Denver was still in the lead at halftime with the score being thirteen to seven. Carolina went three and out, their opening drive of the second half of the game. Denver got the ball and Peyton Manning threw his first interception of the game. Carolina drove down the field, but Denver’s amazing defense forced Cam Newton to make a bad decision. Strong safety T.J Ward came down with the interception, but fumbled the ball. However, middle linebacker Brandon Marshall recovered the ball just in time before the Panther offense could get to it. Broncos got the ball back, and drove down the field with a consistent run game. Down at the three yard line, Peyton Manning took the snap from under center, handed the ball off to C.J. Anderson, who just got in the end zone by a hair. The score now was ten to twenty four with Broncos in the lead by two touchdowns. This was the end of the game as the Denver Broncos became the Super Bowl 50 champions!

Reporters asked Peyton Manning if this was going to be his last game in the NFL. Peyton respond with, “I will worry about that later, but for now I want to go hug my kids, kiss my wife, and I am going to drink a lot of beer tonight. Von’s buying.” Von Miller was the super bowl MVP, with six total tackles, 2.5 sacks, and two forced fumbles. This was a great super bowl to watch for Bronco nation, and we can expect to see more Lombardi trophies coming back to the Mile High City. I interviewed sophomore Denver Broncos fan Tanner Fosdick. I asked Fosdick where he was when Denver won the super bowl, and he was at his Dad’s house cheering for Denver’s Defense. “I was really excited and was jumping up and down when they won,” said Fosdick about his reaction to their victory. When asked about the performance of the Denver offense, Fosdick told me, “Manning. He could’ve played better, and could’ve made smarter decisions.” I also spoke with freshman Kourtney Cox, who was really upset about Carolina’s loss.  I asked Cox about her first reaction as well, and she said, “I was really angry. I was screaming at the TV.” When I asked Cox about her opinion on Cam Newton’s performance, she said, “He didn’t get cocky which threw him off. If he got cocky like he did the whole season, they would’ve had greater chance of winning.” I also asked Cox about what she thought of the Denver Defense, and she responded, “They played great, and that is why Cam could not get cocky and perform like he normally would.” This victory made lots upset, and tons of people excited, but according to Cam Newton, “We will be back.” Sorry Cam, but the Denver Broncos are Super Bowl champs this year. Better luck next time.