Aquatic Center


The current proposed location for the Woodland Park Aquatic Center, between the Woodland Park High School and Gateway Elementary School parking lots.

Angelo Salazar, Reporter

The aquatic center is going to be a huge benefit for not only our school, but the Woodland Park community as well. I spoke with assistant principal and athletic director Michael DeWall about the aquatic center. The building was originally supposed to be placed behind the hardware store, but due to issues with the Woodland Park plumbing system, they had an idea to relocate it between the student parking lot and the bus loop by Gateway Elementary School. I asked DeWall where the annual bonfire would be placed then since it was set next to the student parking lot and Gateway bus loop and he explained, “We spoke about that when I was in a meeting, and we suggested that it’s not a big issue because we have several places we can place the bonfire. One idea was behind the school on the baseball field.” He also told me that the people who wanted the aquatic center on district ground wanted to either buy the property from the school, or rent it from the school on a long term lease. They say the size of the property is perfect for the aquatic center, and that is why it will do well on school grounds, other than needing several small adjustments to the blueprints. I also received information on how the aquatic center will look. There will be a competitive section with about six lanes, and a diving board. There will then be a separate section for the community, and fun slides. The layout also includes a safe kitty pool for younger children to swim in, and a locker room. The pool will be open year round to the community and tourists. I spoke with football coach and P.E. teacher Mr. Thomas. I asked Thomas what his thoughts were about the aquatic center being built on school grounds, and he told me, “I think it’s a good idea as long as the school can make room for our community to have parking, and not get in the way of student parking.” Thomas believes it will be very beneficial to our school and thinks it is a great idea. I asked Thomas what he thought about a swim team for our school, and he said, “It’s a good idea. As long as we can get a coach to coach it and enough people.”  I also interviewed freshman Nate Bashor on his opinion on the aquatic center. I asked Bashor what he thought about the aquatic center being built on school grounds. He said he was aware there was going to be one but did not know it would be placed on actual school ground. He said, “I think it’s a good idea and it will be a fun place for Woodland Park residents to enjoy themselves.” I also asked Bashor what he thought about having a swim team for school. His response was, “I think it’ll be a great idea to have a new sport for our school and I think lots of people will join.” The Aquatic Center for Woodland Park is a great attraction that is soon to come. For our school, community, and tourists, the aquatic center is going to be a splash of fun!