Fall Festival at Columbine Elementary


Griffin Blosser, 4th grade

Kola Crafts, Reporter

Columbine Elementary School put on a fall festival for kids and family alike. It was full of games for the kids. Kids came in costumes, as did parents. There was an amazing spread of food and all of it was provided by the parents. There were eight crock-pots full of soups, chili, and meat. On the drink table sat lemonade, tea, and water. The desserts consisted of mini cupcakes and kettle corn. For fun, there were different activities out on the gym floor. In one corner of the gym sat an arts & crafts table. Across from the table there was a bean bag tossing games. On the floor hula hoops were placed and they also put out basketballs. The part that got most of the kids moving was the music playing. One song was The Kidz Bop version of “Watch Me” by Silento. Then there was “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

“Thriller” ties into an earlier event when the kids did a flash mob dance, from little kindergartners to 5th graders. It was during our school day. The dance started at 2:30 and ended around 2:50. Each class made their own masks. The kids performed the whole dance, from walking like a zombie to falling at the end. The bleachers were packed so families had to go onto the gym floor where the dance was held. There was no sitting room. The kids seemed to be having fun with big smiles and giggling. One teacher led the whole dance in the front of the kids. Parents sung along and danced with the little ones in their arms. It was a cute sight to see.

With things like this, not only does it help kids get over stage fright but it also helps them get more involved and see the fun things they can do. If you teach kids at an early age about the fun things in life they will try to look for it. It is good for the community as well because those kids grow up to be the community. It also brightens everybody’s day.