Run of Terror? A.K.A. The Color Run


Mac McClintock, Reporter

This past week the Woodland Park Middle School hosted the color run, one of the most bizarre fund raisers that you could ever imagine. The idea that someone one would pay money to run is enough of a shock to me, let alone run while people throw colored pellets at you. It should honestly be looked at as a miracle that no one was severely injured. The most tragic part about the whole event is how the poor fragile egos of the middle school students were decimated by far stronger adults throwing these colorful shades at them. Then after being able to throw projectiles at the kids, they took the kids money and left them with nothing more than colorful chalk on their hands. The money raised by the color run will be used at the Middle School to better the education of the students. The reward for this brutal fund raiser is very valid and also for a good cause, but why not just make the kids sell even more chocolate and drive all of their parents crazy. To the Middle School’s credit, they actually have done a fairly good job of raising money for the school according to the book keeper at the school. Sure these fund raisers can be a pain for their parents and also quiet terrifying for the kids, you know with plenty of colorful projectiles being thrown at them. I believe the true question that we should ask ourselves about these fund raisers is if they are truly worth the hassle of doing them. Just a few weeks before the Color Run there was the Fun’d Run, the Elementary school’s version of the Color Run except without the flying projectiles leaving kids looking like they were covered in blood. Both events were successful at raising money for the school, but at what cost?  I mean, pulling the students out of class to run in a circular motion to raise money seem a little harsh. With that being said, it is obvious that the Color Run and Fun’d Run are far more effective ways to raise money than having kids take home order forms for chocolate or whatever they are trying to sell. The obvious reason for this is because everyone is required to participate in it and also kids are more likely to join in on something if everyone else is doing it. Making kids run might seem a little cruel, but it does encourage the young people of our community to have a healthy life style. Does this mean that throwing colorful projectiles at kids is okay? Of course not, but the benefits of these fundraisers greatly out way the negatives and are a positive for the community.