The Ferguson Truth


Lauren Mitchell, Reporter

After watching the entire Grand Jury Statement about the incident between Michael Brown and Police Officer Daren Wilson, I am in firm affirmation of the decision to not indict the officer. I can genuinely say that I am extremely confused on the ignorance that is circulating the United States.

Wilson followed protocol, only shot for self-defense, found the target based on a correct suspect description (which happened to be the thief law enforcement had been looking for) and had physical evidence from three different autopsies proving the shots were fired while Wilson was in tangible danger. It was proven that the shots only hit the front of Brown’s body, correlating with the idea that he rushed and lunged at the officer. It is sad that the confrontation had to go the way it did, but the grand jury flowed with the evidence, while sorting through the unreliable witness statements. After 70 hours of testimony, the grand jury decided that the six shots fired were in self-defense.

The riots were unnecessary and overly destructive. They caused businesses, who were never involved, to lose profit and customers. On the night of the verdict a Little Caesar’s Pizza restaurant, a self-storage facility and a local meat market were destroyed by being burned to the ground and had mass amounts of stolen property. The police were the only thing that came between the protesters and a local restaurant. “…Kelly Braun, who runs Marley’s Bar & Grill, stayed open even as she got a phone call saying her building was the next to burn. But police stationed nearby gave her confidence that her business would survive the night,” writes The Wall Street Journal.  This proves that the entire police force is not corrupt, that there are still countless innocent persons who look to law enforcement for protection when the rest of society is breaking down and creating problems. They still tried to protect the community, even when the public was against them. Windows were smashed, gas stations were set on fire, and cars were ruined during the destruction. According to the Chicago Tribune, the total cost of destruction was at least five million dollars.

This has nothing to do with racial discrimination. If this case had been with a black cop and a white man, nobody would have cared. This has to do with a grown man, who made terrible decisions, which included robbing a store and assaulting a cop, and happened to be black. If he had not made choices that would harm and disrupt others, then he would have been fine. Do not get me wrong, I understand that police brutality is around, but that does not mean that every case makes the police at fault. Facts must be separated from opinion, especially in instances involving such serious matters.