The Spooky Howloween Congress

The Spooky Howloween Congress

Amy Patterson, Section Editor

Amidst the violent political atmosphere sweeping across our great nation, one team stands alone. This team, clad in black, descended upon Mesa Ridge High School on Monday, October 29th, with a passion unknown to the general student body.

This is Forensics.

More specifically, these are Woodland Park High School’s finest Congressional Debaters. Congressional Debate, though rarely publicized, is considered to be one of the most difficult events offered by the National Forensics League. The premise of the event is a replication of procedures undergone by the United States Congress. Each student, given the title of “representative” or “senator”, depending on their skill sets, argues for policies which they believe will be beneficial to the United States.

Micaela Davidson, sophomore, was awarded the rank of Superior Speaker at this past meet. In Congressional Debate, competitors can receive two ranks; those being Superior Speaker and Outstanding Speaker. “I was shocked when I was named as Superior Speaker,” says Davidson, with an ear to ear grin, “in all honesty, I felt honored to be nominated.”

Nominations are awarded by the parliamentarians, or judges, to students who display exemplary speaking merit and debate skills. After students have been nominated, it’s up to the chamber, or other competitors, to determine who has earned first place, termed “Outstanding Speaker”, and second place, termed “Superior Speaker”.

Davidson, a second year member of the Forensics Team, is not accustomed to debate events. In fact, she belongs to what is colloquially known as the “interp” or acting team. This year, Davidson’s main event is Dramatic Interpretation.

Generally, students find Congressional Debate daunting, particularly when they have little experience. Including the Howloween Congress of 2012, Davidson has only attended two Congressional Debate meets in her Forensics career. “It’s intimidating, but I enjoy Congress. It’s always nerve-racking to stand up and give a speech.” comments Davidson.

Along with Davidson, several other students got a chance to shine at the Howloween Congress. Nate Peterson, Alex Vela, Olivia Ostendorff, Pepper Drummond, Lauren Mitchell, and Mackenzie Bond each experienced Congressional Debate for the first time last Monday. Cole Brown, Sheridan Brown, and Anjolenna Lutz, veterans of the event, assisted the nervous newbies with their plight while also developing their own performances.

For the first time on November 10th, Woodland Park will be hosting its own Forensics meet at the middle school. Volunteer judges and spectators are requested.  Send an email to [email protected] for more information on how to become involved in the Forensics community.

Check back soon with the Panther Perspective for more updates on the Forensics season.