Remembering the MGS Saga

Michael Colvin, reporter

The Metal Gear Solid universe was made by the name of Hideo Kojima. He first started off after studying economics wanting to go into the video game industry, Konami. Upon his first project, Hideo used the MSX to create an action game as requested by his managers and supervisors in Konami. Upon the review of the game, Hideo introduced to the supervisors of Konami, a tactical espionage game in which the only way to fully complete the game would be through stealth, not action. With this Konami was reluctant to release the game, in addition to seeing it would be popular as action was the biggest topic for games around the time. After the release of Hideo’s first game, Metal Gear Solid, in which you’d use stealth to move through the game and destroy the Metal Gear, a futuristic war machine capable of nuclear weapons. Metal Gear Solid was a big hit with the game industry, giving Hideo the spotlight in making more tactical espionage games. Hideo Kojima continued the Metal Gear Solid series making numerous more games and making a large expansive story for Metal Gear Solid.