The MILSIM Quarantine Guide


Michael Colvin, reporter

Being a person who enjoys military simulations, I want to share that same exact passion with you. By explaining how a military simulator ensures they’re still in the condition and in the right mindset when returning to military simulations. As well as a guide on how to get started with military simulations if you’re starting off fresh and new especially within this quarantine. For myself, I keep myself in the mindset by playing MILSIM virtually in many games accessible to me. Games such as Arma 3 and Squad, although Squad is my all time favorite since it works with communications and awareness of the situation, you don’t always want to be talking or speaking in case an enemy is moving near you or trying to flank you. In addition Squad organizes teams and platoons with people who are experienced in being commanding officers. This helps get you in the mindset and organization during a MILSIM, while keeping you on your feet to be aware of your surroundings. I use this as a way to make sure that I still remember position and organization. As well as navigation when it comes to navigating with a map and compass on field. During this time I also maintain any equipment that I own for military simulations whether it be airsoft firearms, uniforms, or protective equipment. In addition it’s good to get practice in order to ensure you keep up a steady progression or skill level for yourself. For those who are starting off completely new to the MILSIM genre, first you want to understand how platoons are structured as well as some basic tactics. In addition you want to figure out which side you’d be playing for, whether you will be playing for NATO or RUSFOR. This will change your kit entirely, as MILSIM aims for the realism in uniforms and equipment with their own uniform regulations. For example, NATO is prioritized to wear Multicam or MARPAT to signify U.S. Army or U.S. Marines. With this it brings in the identification factor with camouflage uniforms. Added onto that, you will see the constant use of correct equipment, meaning research into whatever squad you’re joining and the side you choose to fight for will affect what sort of protective equipment you’ll be buying. Nearly all major military forces have different camouflage, equipment, and weaponry. While some equipment is easy to recognize, one hard to recognize opposing operator would be the Russian multicam operator within the Spetsnaz. Due to the usage of multicam themselves, they can be difficult to identify if not wearing any other Russian protective equipment. After both getting equipment and knowledge, you will want to look for airsoft weapons of quality. For the practical MILSIM you will need these. Although only for a virtual MILSIM, all you’ll need is the knowledge of platoon structure and tactics. It’ll help you more as you slowly gain the experience throughout military simulations. In the end, experience is what matters the most when operating within military simulations, as it tells people how informed and trained you are in the field of military simulations.