Prom cancelled

Nicolas Hale , reporter

As many of you know prom is one of the biggest events alongside graduation that seniors get to be a part of. It’s also one of the few things most high schoolers actually look forward to in their highschool years. However, with the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus everybody across the world is self quarantine. Of course with this quaratine no one is supposed to leave their house forcing everyone inside for an extended amount of time. Because of this self quarantine unfortunately schools across the world are closing down which means seniors won’t get a last prom. This means for that class this year there will never be a prom king and queen which is unheard of. With prom being shut down most every high schooler is furious because they will never get to experience anything like this again. With students being outraged I decided to get some seniors’ thoughts on this whole situation. I asked them, “ how do you feel about prom being shut down because of the Coronavirus” i asked this to senior Elliott Patterson, here’s what he said, “ This whole situation is awful, we can’t go to school to see our friends anymore and now we’re forced into doing online classes it sucks, but what’s even worse is the fact that we don’t get a prom which every highschooler looks forward to having. And on top of all that we can’t even graduate on time anymore. I also asked senior Kaden Koksma the same question, he stated, “ With school being shut down to prom being cancelled and possibly even graduation this makes it the worst possible senior year, we don’t get to do anything any senior class above us has got to do and it’s a really bad situation overall, and it sucks that we can’t do anything about it we just have to see everything getting taken away from us.” To conclude you can really see how let down all of us seniors are by this pandemic because we don’t get to do anything any other senior classes above us have done and it doesn’t feel fair.