How the Corona Virus is affecting high schoolers

Nicolas Hale, reporter

As many of you know there has been a recent outbreak of the COVID-19  coronavirus. This virus is sweeping the world with infectivity rates and its fatalities. Because of this virus most countries across the world had to get ahead of the curb and shut everything down in order to contain this virus. With the schools shut down students far and close are forced into doing online schooling. With this new online schooling it makes it a lot harder for the students to learn and for teachers to teach the students since there is no face to face interactions that most kids need. This is causing kids to fail classes and give up. But that isn’t it, there are students who don’t have internet yet alone computers so they can’t pass their classes this year which sets students back very hard. Another way the Coronavirus has affected high schoolers is that we can’t go to school to see friends or teachers anymore, which makes it very difficult to communicate with teachers. I decided to ask some of our fellow high schoolers how they felt about the Corona Virus and how it’s affecting them. I asked this to senior Kaden Koksma, here’s what he said, “ With the corona virus sweeping the nation I believe it is very important to stay indoors and self isolate. However, the corona virus has taken a pretty big toll on my senior year. I can’t walk at graduation, see my friends at school and classes are getting more difficult along with teachers assigning a lot more homework.” i also asked Senior Steven Robison the same question, he stated “ The Corona virus is awful and how’s it affecting my last year of highschool is even worse, my senior year was cut off halfway through, and i’m missing out of so much, but in times like these we need to stay strong.” Overall the corona virus is affecting so many high schoolers in so many different ways and it’s very unfortunate how we can’t really do anything to get this time back.