Graduation cancelled

Nicolas Hale

As you know when you first begin highschool there is one end goal, graduation. One huge ceremony where all of the seniors in the school are finally rewarded with their diploma after 4 long hard working years. This is what every highschooler looks forward to and has dreamed up since they stepped foot in that school. However this year our seniors may not get a graduation due to the Coronavirus which has enforced everyone to stay inside in order to stay safe. It is how it sounds the seniors won’t get a graduation because of the shutdowns nationwide that Trump has ordered. At best we will get a graduation but a very very postponed one, like pushed a month or 2 or even more away. At this point most graduated seniors will already be in college or bootcamp for the army for example so this delayed graduation won’t be possible to intend. I decided to ask a senior who is personally affected by this and may not be able to attend graduation because of the coast guard, I asked Kaden koksma, “How will the Corona virus affect your graduation? And how do you feel about it? Kaden stated, “ The Coronavirus will affect me because I’m attending the coast guard after highschool, and I’m supposed to be in boot camp by the time we have our graduation because it got delayed so long. This really upsets me because graduation was all I ever looked forward to in all my highschool years, it’s an achievement I should get to be a part of, and not have to miss in order to pursue my future goals.” i also asked senior Sophia Moore the same questions, she replied, “the Corona virus will affect me and my graduation because i plan on moving to arizona going to college right after the original graduation date. Since the school’s shutdowns, graduation is now pushed back months and I don’t know if i’ll be able to go because I will be in Arizona in college. This is a situation no one should have to go through especially their senior year and having to miss out on so many opportunities.” all in all you can probably understand how frustrated seniors are right now with having to miss out on so much and delay their futures because of this.