Staying Busy During Quarantine

Aramis Adcock, reporter

Panthers, we have been stuck at home for almost a month. For many of us, I would assume that the mundanity of it all would be maddening. I know that I have had more time than I know what to do with. That’s why I want to write this article, to help give suggestions on how to stay busy. I know we can all use the activity.

Suggestion #1: Take up a new hobby. Learning something new can be invigorating and exciting. It will help you reach your inner self and increase your overall level of happiness. Plus, you can impress your friends with the new skills you have learned.

Suggestion #2: Start a new TV show. I know that we all love to rewatch the office multiple times, but have you ever thought of starting a new TV show? During this quarantine, you will have a ton of free time, leaving plenty of room for binge-watching. Starting a new show is always exciting for me, and I feel like it will be for you too.

Suggestion #3: Go outside and hike. I know that this is not an option for all of you, but for the sods lucky enough to live in the country, this can be a great way to bring you peace. When you are outside in the woods, there is nothing there but the peace of nature. This peace will help clear your mind and rejuvenate you. Plus, if you have younger siblings, this will provide a much-needed break from them.

Suggestion #4: Start a new video game. For me, whenever I start a new game, it’s always an exciting experience. Whenever I play games, I feel like I am a part of that world. Escaping to another world can be very therapeutic if you are stuck inside indefinitely.

Suggestion #5: Start a new book. For me, I use reading for the same thing I use video games for to escape to another world. Transporting your mind to somewhere else can be very helpful during this time.

I hope that my flimsy suggestions will help keep you guys occupied. This virus sucks, but I know that we will all get through it stronger than ever.