Keeping a Job while in Covid-19 Quarantine

Shelby Langlois, reporter

When the Virus known as Covid-19 first broke out across the globe, most people thought it was something that would come and go fairly quickly. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case. We have been in quarantine for a few weeks now and will be at least until April 30th. The last day of quarantine keeps being moved back more and more. As of right now, April 6th, we are only supposed to keep social distancing in effect until the 30th of this month. There is a good chance that this day will be moved even further than it already has been. Because of these social distancing guidelines and laws in place, most places of work have either been closed temporarily or have been forced to lay off their employees. All of the dine-in restaurants have closed down their lobby and are offering take-out and/or delivery to their customers. As for fast food franchises that have dine-in and drive-thru options, these places have closed their lobby and are only offering drive-thru service or delivery. Grocery stores and essential businesses are to remain open for the time being. Places like Papa Murphy’s that serve food that is to be cooked at home by the customer are still open because they are counted as a sort of grocery store. Most of the teenagers in our community that have a job for fun or for some small purchases are not too affected by this, but the adults that have to make money for their family’s are 100% being affected by this time in a negative way. If you happen to be in Mrs. Ferguson’s internship class, you might be affected greatly from not being able to work at this time. She has some alternative assignments for the students who are not able to work to get their hours. There is currently talk within the government of a Stimulus check that will go out to taxpayers that will help offset the economy so business owners don’t feel the pressure of their businesses closing down. The people who get this check that do not own a  business that they have to maintain during this time will most likely be using this check to pay for some household bills and personal needs they may have. The people who are still able to work during this time are faced with the responsibility to keep their workplace clean and safe for people to be. They will have to wipe down surfaces very often and clean a lot more than they already were. We will all get through this time as a community if we just listen to the rules the government is setting for our safety and keep our surroundings clean. This whole situation will be over and dealt with before we know it, we all just need to have hope and have a bright outlook on the situation. We will get through this tough time day by day.