How I’m Coping With COVID-19

Haley Prater, reporter

With everything going on, there’s no doubt that it’s been the only thing on my mind. I wake up wondering how normal this might become and I fall asleep wondering when this will end. 

         I have, however, been doing as much as I can to distract myself and entertain myself. Keeping busy makes me happier and less time to lay around stressing or depleting my mental health. 

      I have been able to do a lot of art, having three art classes online. It can be challenging having to have three different ideas one for each class, but in a way it helps me escape reality. I’ve been doing a lot of painting using acrylics or watercolor. 

       My family time has also been a big part of my time at home and I feel like it’s doing a lot of good for me because I can spend more time with my parents. We have been watching tv, making dinner together, and playing board games and doing puzzles. I am getting quite a bit closer that I thought wasn’t possible.  

       There’s days I also spend playing video games with my boyfriend and my friends and we facetime while we play so it is somewhat communication and the closest we can get until this is over. It’s nice to be able to have that technology and that connection to be able to still do things with your friends while inside our homes. 

          I’ve also spent a lot of time hiking and trying to take advantage of the sunshine. After being cooped up in my house for so long I was getting cabin fever and I was wanting to get outside. I went down to Helen Hunt Falls and walked my dog and could still manage social distancing from those who had the same ideas as me. It was so nice to be able to get fresh air into my lungs and see beautiful surroundings as well. 

            Another thing I have been doing is I have been trying to workout and stay healthy while not being able to exercise as usual. It has been going pretty good and it is another thing to boost my happiness. Trying to stay healthy and staying safe is a big thing to me because I am a high risk person for the coronavirus due to having asthma. I also would not want to spread it to my family and have them go through it, so we have been very cautious with what we are doing and our surroundings. 

I have mixed feelings about everything going on but for the most part i’m trying to stay as positive as I can for the time being.  We are all going to get through this even stronger than we went into it. So, as always, watch out for yourself and others and wash your hands! 🙂