Coronavirus Quarantine for Gamers

Michael Colvin, reporter

This article will be filled with many opinionated ideas, but in all basic necessity this is how my days go. What I think about virtual school and being fully online for nearly all the days and hours of my life while managing screen time with time to read or socialize. Starting off with Sunday, I’ll mostly spend the time talking to friend’s online. I’ll usually have either something cold or hot to drink in the morning to wake up with. Afterwards I host a couple games and podcasts for my friends in terms of entertainment. Throughout Monday – Friday I focus on work towards the last few days as most of the work has started to pile up, and it’s better to work with all your sources at hand so you can prioritize what’s important. Afterwards I spend most of my free time playing games, hosting games, socializing with my friends online and making sure that my work is in by Friday from this point forward. In addition I try to keep myself physically fit and work off whatever weight has been picked up. A small routine consisting of Pushups, Crunches/Sit ups, and Curl Ups. Then getting up and moving around the house for a bit. Most of my week focuses around being online since the quarantine has us staying at home. It gives me more time to work on some 3D modeling projects that I’ve put on hold for a decent amount of time due to school work. In addition to giving me an ease of access to resources and many other supplies that I may need. For me I have a good view out of my window to check the weather and see what the weather is like. With that I also have access to easy cooling to make sure I don’t get too hot boxed up in my room for so long. With that I have a comfy chair to make sure my experience while sitting for about an hour isn’t all that painful while being able to relax and access my laptop easily. With a decent stock up of supplies for the next few weeks, hopefully waiting for the events of Corona to pass over. For the online aspect of my life being expanded entirely towards school work and meetings is something that I am slowly adapting and getting used to. Knowing that this is how things will be for the next many weeks and hopefully it won’t keep up for the rest of the school year. This concludes for my first article within the week of quarantine. As always, be safe out there America.