2020 Seniors vs COVID-19


Haley Prater, reporter

As we know, we are in a very unique time at this point. Us Seniors don’t know if there will be an end to this pandemic soon or if it will ruin everything completely. For some of us, it has already ruined a lot for us. 

For me, it has taken away what I feel as if I’ve worked 13 hard years to accomplish. I can’t stress enough the heartbreak that I’m going through and I know many of my peers are feeling the same thing. This year’s state competition for ProStart got canceled, and I worked so hard to even get there and my teammates and I also worked extremely hard to prepare. It’s almost like everything is getting ripped right from our grasp right in front of our faces and each day comes more bad news than the last. We can’t see our friends, our partners, and in some cases even our family. This is horrible. There’s no doubt about it. I wanted to see upon my peers and check in on them, asking them to reach out to me on social media and tell me how they are feeling. Here’s what I received. 

Jason Vanderkolk is a member of the ProStart team on the business management half. He’s worked very hard to be where he is and he feels it is completely unfair of what is happening. “They can’t replicate the feeling of walking that stage, and if we were to do the ceremony digitally it would be a huge bummer. We also may have had our last day of school and we didn’t even know it.That could’ve been the last day we saw a lot of our friends and we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.” 

Alex Nily is a part of the career start program at the Pikes Peak Community College. He does recordings and radio work. “It doesn’t really matter to me, but it has affected my career start. It has stopped me from accessing an open lab, so I can’t work on productions as easily as before. So, I’m currently doing all my recording and editing from home.”

Brandy Morejon was a new student this year and graduated early. “My Senior year was already cut short because I graduated early but now I can’t even walk across that stage because of COVID-19, all these years I looked forward to it and it’s gone.” 

Lili Simmons is a member of our madrigals. She worked really hard this year and her last concert got canceled. “I have nothing nice to say about the corona other than it helped the earth in a good way. Our earth is getting a chance to breathe while we are all stuck inside. At this point in my quarantine, I feel hopeless and I feel let down. It feels like we are a class of kindergarteners that are in trouble and we can’t go out to recess until people stop getting out of their chairs. And because people aren’t listening, we are having to extend this whole mess.” 

At this point, I can’t help but wonder if I will be able to not only fill my dream of what graduation should be, but if I will be able to fulfill my parents’ dreams of getting to see me graduate. This has really messed up everything for Seniors that we can’t get back. We won’t ever have this chance again. For some of us, this is all we got. Now it’s gone, just like that. It’s crazy how fast life really threw us into it…and how it really changed everything for us. There’s no doubt that we are living history right now, and that this will never be forgotten. Let’s just hope for a brighter future.