Letter From the Editors

Jada Boddy and Sophia Moore

To start this off, Woodland Park High School contains a variety of people who have lived a variety of lives. These people are students, teachers, administrators, nurses, food service members, janitors and more. These people are parents, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, a best friend, a crush and more. We as a community have encountered so much throughout our lives due to diversity in age. Our faculty has lived through events like Vietnam (1961- 1975), the Polio epidemic (1950’s), JFK’s assaination (1963), the Mount St. Helens eruption (1980), Hurricane Andrew (1992), the Columbine shooting, (1999), and much, much more. The generations before us 2020 highschoolers have seen our world shift, they have seen terror, they have wondered will anything ever be normal. For many of us the COVID-19 pandemic is completely forgine territory, we have never been through anything this terrifying nor directly detrimental. For the graduating class of 2020 most of us were born shortly after tragedy struck September 11, 2001; we met our first friends, many of the people that we will be graduating along side with during peak of the Great Recession (2008); the Boston Marathon Bombing (2013) occurred as we got our very first lockers in sixth grade; as we grew into teenagers the places we went to grow, learn and discover are became places of mass shootings. These things that we have lived through have only made us stronger and more determined than ever to create change. Woodland Park High School’s 2020 graduating class’s saying is, “We can see our futures clearly”. This is no longer true, we thought we knew what was ahead of us our entire lives; but as we know now things change, and they change quickly. Although many of the things we have been working to experience for 13 years have and continue to be stripped from us, we know that life moves on and things become good again. We know that because of the incredible mentors we have thanks to, not only WPSD but our Woodland Park Community. Thank you for caring, teaching and loving us – Class of 2020