Spotlight, Ms.Crist


Nikolas Rollins , Reporter

Ms. Crist is one of the best teachers in the school and she always strives to be the best mentor that she can be to her students. She said her favorite part about being a teacher is I wanted to be a teacher since I was really little, when I was a kid I used to play school with my stuffed animals. I always liked school and the idea of school, but I think that teaching gives you the unique opportunity to build relationships with 150 students and learn things about them, it really is a job of the heart for me, so I think it’s really cool that I get to be excited about what I do everyday. While she not only loves teaching students, she also loves to bond with them in order to understand each and every student on a deeper level in order to really help them learn and be the best students they can be. Being a teacher is not all fun and games though and there are some downsides to the intense grind that comes with the job. She said her least favorite part about being a teacher is that my lunch is at 1:04 Pm, my lunch is really really late. And grading is my least favorite part.” This is understandable, I don’t think that anybody would like to have a lunch that short, but it is all worth it for the sake of the kids.” These are little problems to Ms. Crist and they do not get in the way of her being an awesome teacher in the school. Ms. Crist’s life is not all about school, she also has plenty of other interests and hobbies that are out of school as well. Some of the other things that she likes to do in her free time would be watching the golden girls and hanging out with friends and family, and when it comes to her favorite music she said, I like all types of music, except for country music. I mostly listen to like hip hop and R&B. But even when she is not at school, she is always thinking about new lesson plan ideas and new innovative ways to teach her class in different styles. She said “it is really a job from the heart for me.” This really shows that Ms. Crist will do anything for her students in the class to help them learn and grow as students. She always tries to make her classroom a great and comfortable environment for the students and she does by decorating her room to the best of her ability to make it a great learning environment that is fun as well. While there are many more things that make Ms. Crist such a great teacher, these are the main reasons why she has earned the wonderful status that she has in the school. Woodland Park High School has plenty of amazing teachers to pick from, but Ms. Crist represents the best qualities that most teachers would envy.