The legacy of Michael Jackson

Patrick Proffett, Reporter

The King of Pop. Everyone knows him. The Smooth Criminal, The Moonwalker, The Gloved One. He has many names. But most know him as Michael Jackson. He was the greatest entertainer of all time, always keeping his audience on their toes. He invented many dance moves, even creating his own form of dance. This year marks the tenth year of Michael Jackson’s death. June 25, 2009. The saddest day in the history of the music.


Michael was born in Gary, Indiana, a town right on the coast of Lake Michigan. He grew up in a small house, and started performing at age five. He eventually made his way to Motown, a famous African-American recording company that had brought a lot of people to fame. Him and the Jackson 5 made 4 #1 hits while there. Eventually, as the brothers got older, they split up. Michael became a single artist. His first album he sold as a single artist was known as Off The Wall, in 1979. In 1982 he made his best selling album, one that everyone knows no matter who you are, Thriller. The album is the second best selling album of all time. Michael went on to make many more albums, though none sold as many as Thriller.


Michael Jackson’s dance moves were from another world. Literally. The moonwalk, by far the most famous dance move he does. People around the world are still trying to imitate it. His Billie Jean dance is extremely famous, as well as his Thriller and Beat It dances. His concerts were full of his amazing choreography and his wonderful songs.


The day The King of Pop died, the entire world was in mourning. He was the most famous artist of all time. Looking at many different surveys on who people think the greatest artist of all time is, Michael Jackson is always either first or second, many first. Looking at a list of highest selling albums, five of MJ’s albums are in the top twenty, three of which are in the top 10 and one is the second highest selling album ever.

Now I would like to talk about dancing. His gravity defying foot work, his perfect timing and his strive for perfection are all unbeatable. As a Michael Jackson impersonator myself, I understand the time and dedication it takes to learn and perfect specific dance moves. He invented half of the dances he did, he choreographed his short films, and what he didn’t create, he made into his own.

His singing, though not the greatest, was trademarked. Everyone knows about his hee-hee’s and hoo-hoo’s, as well as the high notes he would hit. His rhythm was amazing and his ability to piece a song together is unrivaled. He once said that he would hear the rhythm in his head, and would go to a voice recorder, and beat-box what he heard. He started many songs this way, such as “Who Is It?” and “Bad.”

Michael Jackson was truly the greatest ever, and there will never be another like him. No one can do exactly what he did. Though there is a lot of controversy that comes with MJ, there is also a lot of good. His life is inspiring, and his legacy is irreplaceable. This world will never see someone like him.