Marching to the Top


Patrick Proffett and Baden Breitenstein

Marching Band has had a special place in every school, participating in football game half-times and keeping the crowd engaged with their trademark fanfares and songs. The students behind the music are hard workers who strive for perfection, and without that one key factor, there would not be a show. But the question is, how important is marching band? Is it really necessary to have a band when it would be much easier to play music over a loudspeaker? Does the music they perform please the crowd or leave them wondering why money is being spent on this program? When asked about his opinions, Alex Richards a band player said that, “We come to the football games, we give them spirit, and it’s fun.” However, he went on to say that the relationship between the marching band and the actual football team is somewhat distant. After speaking with Bryson Cox, a player on the varsity squad, says that he “cannot really hear them,” when he is on the field. This seems to suggest that the band mainly performs for the crowd. Esther Burcea, a spectator at the home football games, says that “The band is my favorite part.” This may mean that the band plays more for the crowd than the players, to hype up the folks that are spending money to watch their kids throw a ball around while the run into each other. But, the question that must be asked is if the crowd thinks that the band is something worth listening to or is it a waste of money? Obviously, Esther Burcea thinks that the marching band is the best part of the show, but what is the opinion of other people who go to the football games? Freshman Football player Tristan Hollman has been playing football for three years, two for the middle school and one year for the high school. His opinion is that, quote, “I personally think that it does raise our morale, at least a little bit, and definitely the crowds”. I don’t think it’s too much a distraction, I mean you’re listening to it, not watching it.” He went on to say that the marching band has fun themes and the people that join it really enjoy it, as do most of the people who listen to them. In his opinion the marching band is a team that serves to deliver morale to players and hype the crowd. Based on these people’s opinions, one can draw that the marching band is a fun activity whose function is to hype up the crowd, spur on the football players, and teach students the value of music. We as a school appreciate the marching band for leading us and our football team to victory with their talent and drive to achieve.