Weight Lifting!


dacotah simonis, Reporter


The Woodland Park High School offers a variety of gyms classes the will teach you everything from fly fishing to basketball to a great squat form. The weights classes are always the first to fill up. The 7th hour Training for Athletes class is a favorite and a lot of the high school athletes are in it. 2nd period Strength and Conditioning is also a favorite class for people also. Maya Mijares says that after her 2nd hour she feels, “more energized and that she’s ready to take the day on and do her work.” All of the people who have a weights class or a PE class in general say that after they workout they all feel way more energized. Logan Taylor who has both 2nd period and 7th period weightlifting says that “before my 2nd period and down and i’m not super excited about the day, after that class i’m happy and energized. After 7th i’m ready to go to football and do my work for that night.” The other gym classes help people feel more energized. It boosts students confidence and self esteem which has a positive influence on the whole school. Coach Thomas who runs the weight lifting program here says he feels that “Kids feel so much more productive after this period and I can see the way that their emotions and energy changes throughout the class period and the way they feel after the class is obvious”. Kids always feel tired and unmotivated and after class periods were they workout or do things that are interactive they feel better. It’s been proven by the CDC that physical activity helps improve cognitive skills and academic skills. Every student should have a physical activity class, especially if they don’t play or do any extracurricular activities. Some students feel like physical activity classes are useless and that they don’t help you with anything. This has been proven by so many studies and facts. Even students agree that after they work out or go to a physical activity class they feel way more productive and they feel like they could do so much more, they keep their adrenaline running after 7th period and go to practice to work hard and get better. Physical activity classes are a great way to get exercise. They have so many positives and they help students in academics and school in many ways.