Assigning too Much Homework?


Patrice Schnierle, Reporter

There is a great debate about the amount of homework students get. Many people have found advantages and disadvantages to homework. High school can be very stressful for students and homework can be a contributing factor to that. Students in every grade are often given homework to complete every night and it can become overwhelming and exhausting. Throughout the school week, students are busy learning new lessons, taking tests, and completing school work. Then, when they finish the school day, they have to complete more schoolwork for a grade. Homework can interfere with sports, extra curricular activities, and other things. Calli Walters, a senior says, “Freshman year I was overwhelmed with how big my workload was. But it was nice because all of my teachers gave me time to work in class to get it done. Throughout the years, there had been times where I was very stressed. But I learned how to manage my time. Junior year was probably the hardest; I wouldn’t have any work one day and the next I would have homework in all of my classes due the same day. Senior year is much better because I rarely have homework.” There are, however, advantages to having homework. Homework can be a refresher on what students learned throughout the day. It is often easy points and can improve your grade. For example, students may not understand the lesson but the homework helps them understand the topic. According to Shae Gaverick, “Homework is like taking notes. You practice the ‘notes’ until you understand them.” In some cases, students tolerate and even enjoy homework. Lauren Ingalsbe, a freshman says “Homework is a great opportunity to help you practice the skills you are learning in a certain class. It also helps me with my studying and memorization.” For many people, homework can be helpful and an asset to their learning. concludes that, “Both proponents and opponents have presented rational and acceptable views about homework. While it can be an effective way to master the skills of students, too much homework can also drain the minds of students. Perhaps one question needs to be answered. How much homework should a student has to be given? In the end, it is best to assess the student’s level of learning and give homework accordingly.” My personal opinion is that the teachers at Woodland Park High School assign just enough homework so you are able to practice the topic and not feel stressed. There are many opportunities throughout the day in which students can complete their homework. Students have advisory, class time, and even lunch. To conclude, if students use their time wisely, they will complete the homework in a timely and orderly fashion.