Gossip; The Inner Workings of Drama and Camaraderie Abound


Tyler Damico, Reporter

It is often said that art is an unrelenting and bloodthirsty beast that takes artists for a ride and dumps them on the side of the road like an innocent hitchhiker. I can only hope that this is not the case for the blossoming talent I witnessed at the one act play practice that fateful night.  I could sense the tension and drama in the air as the story slowly unfolded.  The set design was certainly interesting, striving for minimalism and contrast. The lack of huge sets provided the play to travel at a quick and wieldy pace.  All of what I viewed was in preparation for our drama legion to compete against other schools around the region for respect, honor, and presumably glory. Despite what I watched merely being a practice of sorts, it was interesting to watch and well-paced, all the things I look for in a school production.


With what I experienced being simply a practice before the fierce competition-fueled brawl that was the state level event, I waited with bated breath to see how our drama Olympiads would stack up against the other schools thirsty for the prize. As it turns out, our school did not only excel, but they came, they saw, and they conquered. The drama squad took home the achievements of best ensemble and best female actress[Michelle Hilson]. I had high expectations for our drama champions, but they surpassed them greatly, shattering them like many a broken heart.  While the source of their drive to success is still unknown, I witnessed something rarely seen in the desolate environment that is high school.


On the night I enjoyed the drama strike force run through the play, I stuck around afterwards to get some info and pictures. It was then that I witnessed something beautiful. As the students went over blocking, where everyone practices where to stand, one last time, I captured a glimpse of true camaraderie and friendship that goes into drama. I could see that the students not only enjoyed drama, but used it a form of sustenance. Having been on stage before, I know the tantalizing rush it can give you. However, the allure of drama seems to be more than that. Maybe I am being too sentimental, as many have accused me, but I found a sense of family in drama that few school activities seem to offer.   That, my dear readers, is truly magical.