Red with Passion


Mac McClintock, Reporter

The blood drive was a bloody good time for everyone involved. Many students took the initiative to go out of their way to donate blood in the hope that one day that blood would be able to help another person in some way.  A great deal of Woodland Park’s students participated in the event, further showing the school’s desire to rise to the occasion when called upon. The saddest part of the blood drive was several students who showed up to donate and were turned away because they did not fit the rules to be able to donate blood. Some of these rules included, but were not limited to, your body weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and when you had gotten your last tattoo. Fiona Miller a senior was going to donate blood, but was, as she puts it, “one pound underweight.” Though it is sad that many students were turned away because they did not fit the criteria, it is a necessary safety precaution that must be taken to make sure that no one gets hurt.

For the special few who actually were able to donate their blood, they might have faced several side effects. One that is easy to see, but overall is not that big of deal, is the large bruise that forms upon the person’s arm after giving blood. While the size of the bruise can vary from person to person, I still highly doubt that anyone truly wants a bruise in the middle of their arm. Another side effect is dizziness and, in rare cases, fainting. The thought of fainting alone is enough to scare me away from the experience, but this did not faze these brave donors at all. The worst of the side effects has to be the nausea, because of how common it is and how it is something that can last all day. Of course there are other side effects, but either they are too minor or extremely rare to even bother talking about.

What really needs to be taken from the blood drive is the fact that many of the students up here at Woodland Park are very willing to help others when it is asked of them. Levi McLung described the experience like “I was bleeding for someone else.”  It should also be noted that many teachers also tried to donate their blood. Events like the blood drive are more of what the high school needs simply because it is a good cause and demonstrates some of the better parts of the school. Personally this is one of many aspects of this school that I am proud of and that the community as a whole should be supportive of as well.