Emilie Wipprecht, Reporter

Sophia Rossi, senior at Woodland Park High School, is known around our community for her outstanding artistic abilities and is an inspiration to our school because of her brilliant artwork. Rossi has painted and drawn hundreds of breath-taking works of art and continues to surprise everyone around her with her raw talent. Overthe past two years Sophia has been recognized for 3rd place at the Mountain Artist Art Show and 2nd place at Arts Alliance for her amazing paintings.

IMG_3041 (2)“I began drawing and painting when I was in 5th grade,” Rossi says. “I learned one of my peers was good at painting and I wanted to be like her so I tried it out. Turns out I was pretty good!”

Sophia looks at other paintings and works of art as inspirations, and then thinks how she could improve on other pieces. Besides school, painting is the most time consuming activity in Sophia’s life. She spends 25-30 hours a week with a paint brush in her hand. Rossi’s chosen method of madness is a paintbrush and using her fingers to show her skills.

IMG_3042 (2)“My favorite thing to paint is probably people,” says Rossi. Unsure of what she wants to do with her talent. Sophia plans to enroll next semester at Pikes Peak Community College, and never give up her art work.