Talented Panthers


Tyler Damico (11th), Donnie Lasiter (10th), and Brett Jackson (11th)

Mac McClintock, Reporter

The Woodland Park Talent Show is one of the premium events of the school year. It gives the student body the ability to showcase their unbelievable talents that they have are within themselves for way to long. The weird part of the Woodland Park talent show is that everyone’s talent is, for the most part, singing. This is, of course, great that we have so many fantastic singers up here “above the clouds,” but it can get repetitive after a while. It would have been more interesting if we had a bit more variety of acts, though the kind of music each person played did have its own characteristics. For instance Tyler Damico, Brett Jackson, and Donnie Lassiter are part of a rock band that played Green Day’s ‘When I Come Around’ and a song that they wrote themselves. On the opposite side of the spectrum we got to enjoy smooth acoustic guitar solos by several participants and also exceptional piano performances. The one somewhat out there performance was the Irish tap dancers. This group covered themselves in glow sticks so the audience could just see their silhouette. This made for a very, fun up-beat performance that was well choreographed and had little to no mistakes. The performance was quite impressive for a high school talent show.

One of the more awe inspiring parts of the show is how little rehearsal time the participants were given. Tyler Damico described the process as “quick moving and a bit stressful.” The fact that there was only one dress rehearsal makes how smooth the show went all the more impressive. Of course there were a few transitions that took some time, such as every time they had to move the piano. Even this small minor flaw was covered up by show host Shawna Seals and Mitchel Hillson, who would make fun of the slow moving piano. It also should be noted that most of their jokes were able to get a reaction out of the crowd and offer great comic relief.

The performance as a whole was able to showcase many of Woodland Park’s better parts. The drama department at the school does an absolutely fabulous job in all the performances they put on, and we really should appreciate how amazing of a drama teacher Ms. Lee is.  Even many of Woodland Park’s athletes came to the talent show and supported the participants.  Maybe the one thing they could change is that there is winner of the talent show, but that really is not a big deal. Overall, the talent show was a great piece for the high school to put on for the community, and something that we should try and advertise and promote better in the future.