WPHS Students in the Workforce

Courtesy of Gold Hill Theaters

Courtesy of Gold Hill Theaters

Tyler Damico, Reporter

Many students at Woodland Park High School are very active in their lives inside and outside of school. Some students are active in clubs, others participate in theatre or marching band, and some better the community by working. Student work is a great boost to the economy of Woodland Park and also builds character and skills for those working those jobs. Those most of these jobs are small and may seem insignificant, they make a remarkable difference in this little corner of the world. Here is just a sample of the few students making Woodland Park a better community.

Leanne Dwyer 16’ currently works at the Gold Hill Movie Theater. She has been an employee there for almost three years making her one of the longest running employees at the theater. At Gold Hill, Leanne sells tickets and concessions as well as cleans theatres after the movies are over. “I love that I see a lot of people working there and talking to people I wouldn’t otherwise talk to. This job has made me come out of myself a lot more and made me a lot more social than I used to be”

Micah Medina 16’ is currently working at the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park. In a year and a half of being at the clinic, Micah has worked very hard and learned many skills to reach her goal of one day becoming a veterinary technician. “I mainly clean the clinic as well as restraining animals while they’re receiving shots or x-rays. I love being with the animals and helping them.”

Breezy Martinez 17’ has been an employee of the Woodland Park Parks and Recreation Department for over 2 years. There’s she referees and umpires little league soccer and baseball. This job has taught breezy a lot about consistency and responsibility for her actions. “It’s a very fun job to have. Pulling a yellow card in soccer takes a lot of guts, and calling plays takes a lot of certainty, but for the most part, the coaches are very nice and understanding.”

Hunter Petrie 16’ works as a ranch hand here in Woodland Park for over a year now. On the ranch he does a variety of things from performing small repair tasks to tending horses and even doing grounds work like cutting grass and shoveling dirt. “I love that I’m able to work outside for this job and that it keeps me busy. It’s given me a strong work ethic for future careers.”

Lastly, Andrew Salas 17’ works as a line cook at Taco Bell. He’s relatively new to the job having only been there for two and a half months, but is fitting in quite nicely. At Taco Bell, Andrew makes food and does dishes when he doesn’t have any orders to make. “I have some great coworkers that make it really enjoyable to be at work. This is my first job and it has been a really good experience learning to be in a controlled work environment and having a good deal of responsibility.”